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Changing the world one Danish business at a time

Through three different sustainability programmes, Deloitte’s SDG team has helped more than 60 Danish businesses maximise their sustainable impact by developing new products or services that have a societal impact and are financially viable.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the first common ground for governments, businesses and individuals all around the world to address the social and environmental challenges we meet in our society.

Each of the goals are signposts for future market needs and represent untapped opportunities just waiting to be exploited. This is exactly what Deloitte’s SDG team has accelerated through three different programmes:

SDG Accelerator

New business solutions to sustainability challenges

The SDG Accelerator is a UNDP programme aiming to accelerate business solutions with the SDGs funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. The programme has supported 32 SMEs in a six-month Innovation Journey ranging from fast-tracking ideas with strong SDG and business potential to the identification of new products, services or business models, and lastly the development of prototypes and concrete business plans.

The programme has been developed in close collaboration with Nordic frontrunner companies with solid experience in integrating sustainability into innovation, business strategy and communication.

SDG Business Booster

Scaling existing sustainable products or business models

The SDG Business Booster is a programme developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Business Hub, Advice, Roskilde University, and CONNECT Denmark. The programme focuses on accelerating Danish companies’ growth and export opportunities through their solutions to the SDGs. During the programme, we have supported 26 companies in devising growth strategies, identifying key markets and formulating go-to-market strategies, and a communication platform.

In addition, a large group of experts and business leaders, channelled through CONNECT Denmark’s network, supports the participating companies. Learnings and methodologies developed in the programme have been disseminated to all Business Hubs in Denmark and will be integrated as part of their normal approach to support SMEs in accelerating sustainability.

AM Sustain

Sustainable innovation by using 3D print technology

AM Sustain is an innovation programme developed in collaboration with AM Hub, Additive Manufacturing Hub in Denmark. The programme focuses on accelerating the use of 3D print and AM technology to solve the challenges addressed in the SDGS. By identifying key sustainability challenges and untapped market opportunities across the participating companies’ value chains, the programme has identified business cases for how to use 3D print as a lever for new revenue streams, new products, new processes or as a new production alternative. The programme has been supported by a large number of experts and partners, ranging from universities to professionals with technical expertise and experience in business modelling.

Cases that change the world

The 60 cases span across industries and sectors, making a difference to people all over the world. Be inspired by a selection of the cases that change the world in this magazine.

Deloitte’s SDG team is led by Bahare Haghshenas, and she is convinced that the SDGs hold a huge potential for especially Danish companies:

“Not only do we have the technology and agility to develop new solutions; we also have the business acumen and tradesmanship to make it happen. From a commercial perspective, the SDGs are are not just about doing good. It’s good business“.

Bahare Haghshenas, Partner, SDG Strategy and Innovation

The innovative solutions developed in the three sustainability programmes are all addressing the serious sustainability challenge that we find ourselves in. How to provide a high standard of living for a world population of nine or more billion people without destroying the planet

The answer lies in our ability to innovate, rethink how we have lived our lives so far and develop new solutions for food, manufacturing, transport and every other aspect of human civilization. Only by constantly innovating and fine-tuning old habits to become more sustainable, we stand a chance at solving some of the world’s most imminent challenges. Fortunately, an increasing number of businesses have realised this.

“There is no doubt that the SDGs have a huge impact when it comes to finding new solutions to old problems. More and more companies are starting to see the goals not only as visions for the future but also as concrete levers for innovation. Particularly in some of the traditional strongholds of Danish companies – food, green tech, biotech, fashion and energy efficiency – we see an interesting development. A lot of companies are joining this movement right now.”

Bahare Haghshenas, Partner

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Changing the world one Danish business at a time

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