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CIP - an international journey paved with green growth ambitions

  • Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners has become one of the world’s leading green infrastructure investment companies and has since 2012 helped the world transition from black to green energy.

As sustainability, social responsibility and stakeholder capitalism have become a business imperative, the world looks to international corporations to help catalyse the change needed to solve some of the world’s biggest and most pressing challenges.

Since its foundation in 2012, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has helped fuel this agenda by investing in green infrastructure such as offshore wind, onshore wind, biomass and energy-from-waste. CIP has provided a sustainable and long-term investment alternative and – together with its institutional investors - helped accelerate the replacement of polluting energy resources with cleaner and renewable alternatives.

Despite the rather short company history, CIP has already become a global leader, market pioneer and the largest financial sponsor with a dedicated renewable energy infrastructure focus. Today, CIP holds seven funds with more than USD 10bn as well as offices all over the world from New York to Tokyo.

CIP’s ambition has always been to become a professional and international player when it comes to green infrastructure investments. To help CIP reach this goal, the investment company decided to partner with Deloitte back in 2012.

Ever since, Deloitte has been an adviser to CIP and experienced its incredible growth journey first-hand. Over time, Deloitte has acquired deep knowledge of CIP’s business, industry, ambitions and company culture. Knowledge that has since been used to help CIP scale, streamline and internationalise its business at a pace and in a way that aligns with CIP’s ambitions and culture.

“It has given us a great deal of comfort to have a global player like Deloitte with us on our international journey. Deloitte equals integrity and expertise which gives their business partners a feeling of assurance and safety. With Deloitte as a trusted partner, we have been able to globalise and scale our business in a fast and solid way,”

Simon Kjær, Head of Finance & Associate partner, CIP

As CIP has conquered the world, Deloitte has utilised its international network of experts and offices to make sure that CIP has had access to the needed insights and resources no matter where in the world the company was expanding.

Throughout the agelong partnership, many areas of Deloitte have been assisting CIP on its journey, from transforming the finance function, digitising and implementing central systems and standardising processes to running the audit and accounting services and providing financial advisory.

During this journey, CIP have been able to focus on what they do best: invest in renewable energy infrastructure.

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CIP - an international journey paved with green growth ambitions

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