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Consulting - a true team effort

Martin Søegaard, Head of Consulting

When Denmark went into lockdown, we went from being a physical practice with a physical workplace and physical client engagements to being a 100% virtual organisation in less than 48 hours. We did not have a strategy to handle a global pandemic, but we surely had culture. Thanks to our people for throwing away their reservations, for rolling up their sleeves, and for making our new reality run more smoothly than we could ever have hoped for.

The incredible effort that our entire organisation pulled through secured us a result that we are extremely proud of, given the unprecedented nature of the circumstances we had to deal with this year. Because some of our major projects for Danish headquartered clients have not been invoiced and accounted for in the Danish Member Firm but in other Member Firms, our actual revenue growth is higher than disclosed in the profit and loss account – it comes to 13%.

The variance reflects global client projects delivered by Danish resources but invoiced outside of Denmark.

“We did not have a strategy to handle a global pandemic, but we surely had culture.”

Martin Søegaard, Consulting Leader

Our clients’ preferred transformation partner

The transformation towards digital business models is more relevant and pressing than ever before. Indeed, most of our client dialogues this year have reflected the need to embrace technology in order to respond faster to changes in market conditions and customer preferences. The opportunity to support many of our clients in taking critical steps towards integrating digital technologies in some or all of their business areas has been extremely rewarding, and we aspire to continue to help them on these extremely important and complex journeys. Also, supporting the CFO has once again been one of our absolute strongholds this year. Making sure that the business case of a transformation journey is realised is a central aspect of the impact we deliver to our clients.

Having acquired and invested immensely in new competencies this year going all the way from SAP S/4 Hana (incl. the acquisition of a team from Acomi) and Cloud to Salesforce and Analytics & Cognitive, we now have the entire range of skills to move our clients to the forefront of digitalisation and to gain a competitive foothold after the crisis.

Our Public Sector team is intact

Despite the Government’s decision to cut back spending on management consultants, which affected our Public Sector team within areas of strategy and analysis, we still stand as the premier consultancy in the Public Sector, with strong technology-enabled transformation offerings helping the sector navigate through difficult times.

Connected to make an impact for our clients

In the face of difficult market conditions, companies are increasingly choosing advisers with a proven track record of making real impact and ready access to global specialists. After decades of growth, Deloitte continues to be the number one consulting organisation in the world as ranked independently by Gartner. We are committed to both enforcing and strengthening this position in the coming year, not through financial optimisation or management decisions, but entirely through our hard-working, talented, and ambitious people. Delivering seamless, borderless solutions across the Nordics, Europe, and the rest of the world is a core component of our commitment to our clients.

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Consulting - a true team effort

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