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DRC - using technology to support the protection of the world’s refugees

  • By the end of 2019, there were 79.5 million refugees and internally displaced persons* in the world – a number that is expected to grow in the future.

In a time when people are fleeing from violent conflicts around the world, staying longer in displacement because crises are becoming more complex and last longer, borders are being closed and human rights are being violated, it is imperative that the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) delivers from the heart of its vision: A dignified life for all displaced.

DRC is a humanitarian, non-profit NGO founded in 1956 that operates in more than 40 countries throughout the world. In Denmark, DRC assists refugees in all aspects of integration as well as asylum procedures. Internationally, DRC actively participates in supporting the protection of refugees and promoting durable solutions for conflict-affected populations.

The growing complexities of the global refugee situation combined with the rapid pace of technological change emphasises the importance for DRC to sustain a strong organisation – particularly in terms of IT systems that enable DRC to report on and measure the effectiveness of their activities.

These circumstances marked the initiation of DRC’s largest single investment ever: Microsoft Dynamics 365, a global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and an important tool for documentation and effective implementation of work in all parts of the organisation and financial reporting. The investment was initiated in 2017 but had, as many big change projects, faced some initial challenges, particularly in using the system in some countries where their infrastructure and capacity had proven inadequate to the new tasks presented by the decentralisation allowed by the new ERP system.

“We have felt a strong partnership with Deloitte throughout this collaboration; one where deep industry and technological knowledge assisted us in realising our vision of making an impact for a decent and safe life for all refugees and displaced persons.”

Anne Mette Barfod, CFO & CIO, Danish Refugee Council

To help DRC succeed with the implementation of the new ERP system, DRC and Deloitte initiated a collaboration enabled by deep industry knowledge from Deloitte’s auditors as well as extensive ERP capabilities from Deloitte’s consultants in Assurance.

The task was approached by a team of experts within ERP, NGOs and accounting and began with a clear analysis of the challenges with the ERP implementation from a Finance and IT perspective. Then, solutions were proposed for how to obtain the data to be used in management reporting, auditing, and the annual report. The new ERP system was launched in January 2019 and allowed DRC to conduct reports for the year.

With the new system, DRC has the right foundation in place to support a steadily growing global organisation. Deloitte is proud to be DRC’s trusted adviser and to help make a social impact in the world. Going forward, the new ERP system will empower DRC to work in a more transparent and efficient manner to help more refugees and displaced persons.


*persons or groups of persons who have been forced or obliged to flee or to leave their homes or places of habitual residence.
The UN Refugee Agency

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DRC - using technology to support the protection of the world’s refugees

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