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Financial Advisory - becoming fully industry-specialised

Sigurd Ersted Jensen, Head of Financial Advisory

This year, we have worked hard on becoming the fully industry-specialised business we are today – delivering better and more relevant advisory services to our clients. As a result, all of our service lines have reached their budget except for one. Financial Services Advisory unfortunately delivered behind budget because the majority of the market activities took place beyond Danish borders. We operate in a notoriously cyclical market, which is why the COVID-19 situation has naturally affected our business as well. This leaves us with an 8% decline in revenue – but well positioned for the future.

Targeted market offerings

We have reached several milestones during the past year. Deloitte Economics has seen the light of day. The new service line offers financial advisory at a micro- and macro-level while combining economic analysis with a strategic, commercial outlook – an offering that has never been more relevant. In addition, we have professionalised our debt advisory and built a liquidity and specialties unit – a unique constellation that can help our clients through this unusual situation. Finally, we have consolidated our three advisory units into one fully industry-specialised unit.

Steering through a cyclical ocean

Operating in a cyclical market means that we always need to be vigilant. Therefore, we decided to send our people home at an early stage, before the COVID-19 situation escalated. We were already an agile business where digital collaboration tools were a natural part of our workday. Nevertheless, we had to adapt to a different way of working. To equip our employees for this new situation, we invited external speakers to hold virtual courses on how to have a good and productive workday from home, how to lead from a distance, and how to maintain good client relations.

“We are proud to service our clients 
with industry-specialised teams and an 
unparalleled product offering”

Sigurd Ersted Jensen, Financial Advisory Leader

Looking into a market post COVID-19

Despite current uncertainties, there is still a great deal of equity in the market, so we anticipate a reasonable and balanced transaction volume in the market. Inevitably, some clients will need help with restructuring and refinancing in the wake of COVID-19. Going forward, we will focus on helping our clients with this and gear their business for future success. Consequently, we expect a rising demand for our services within debt advisory, liquidity and special situations.

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Financial Advisory - becoming fully industry-specialised

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