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How the Talent Agenda will take us to the future

This year we continued working with our three strategic focus areas for the Talent Agenda: Respect and Inclusion; Leadership; and Talent Attraction and Development.

Respect and Inclusion

Respect and inclusion is not only about gender. Respect and Inclusion brings new ways of thinking, increasing our ability to come up with innovative solutions for our clients.

During the year we involved all levels of the organisation in focus groups and workshops in order to continuously understand and keep strengthening our culture and values. We dedicated more time than ever to involving our top leaders. Three leadership conferences and workshops have taken place during the year to create awareness about the challenges we have and to discuss biases and structures that hinder our way towards respect and inclusion - and especially towards increased gender balance. Our latest ‘Diversity-lab’ workshop generated almost 400 ideas on how to foster respect and inclusion, and a prioritised selection of these ideas are now built into the talent strategy for the coming years.

From our already existing Respect and Inclusion initiatives, our ‘Happy Parents’ programme is one of the highlights. Two years ago, we introduced ‘Happy Parents’ with the aspiration of making all working parents feel that having a career at Deloitte and being a great parent is both doable and desirable. Now we are excited to see that the initiative bears fruit and increases our diversity by retaining 15pp more male parents and 8pp more female parents since launch.


We are proud to have launched our own Leadership Academy, training all leaders from managers to partners in being strong leaders. We particularly train our leaders in providing feedback and coaching on an ongoing basis in line with our Performance Management approach, Leading Performance. Leaders are also trained in acting as inclusive leaders; for example, being curious and embracing new perspectives, being cognizant of potential biases, and acting with courage to address them, and recognising and rewarding merit by investing in and developing others. Also, in this area we are delighted to see that our efforts do make a difference and that our leaders are improving their skills in being inclusive. The latest Upward Feedback survey confirms that we are moving in the right direction with an 'Inclusive Leadership' score on 4.41 out of 5.

Talent Attraction and Development

Attracting the best talents doesn't come easy, and we are happy to see that our efforts are rewarded by moving up as the #2 most attractive employer among business students according to Universum. This is an achievement that we are truly proud of. Being ranked as #2 is a testament that our consistent work, such as ensuring gender neutral words in job adverts and that teams representing Deloitte at career fairs reflect our diverse workforce, is paying off.

In building a culture of lifelong learning, constant opportunity and growth, the well-being of our people is core to ensuring that everyone can fully embrace that culture and reach their full potential. We want our people to ‘thrive’ and not just ‘survive’. This year we introduced a new initiative to ensure the physical, mental 
and financial well-being of our people. The first phase campaigned around the importance of financial well-being, and Deloitte introduced an upgrade to our pension and insurance programme encouraging all employees to re-evaluate their financial security. During this first phase we also mapped the well-being of our people through a voluntary health screening and initiated a stress prevention initiative, which will be implemented during the following year.

Next year we will keep implementing well-being initiatives to ensure that we meet the physical and mental challenges of our people at the very early stage. The fundamental approach is that we look out for each other and that we all need to be able to notice, in ourselves or a colleague, when things are out of balance - and then open our doors and provide the support needed.

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How the Talent Agenda will take us to the future

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