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Our Goals - defining the future of Denmark

  • In October 2019, a new, ground-breaking initiative was launched. The initiative, named Our Goals (Vores Mål), aims to develop national indicators to measure progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Denmark.

You have most likely heard about the UN’s 17 SDGs. You have probably heard that Denmark is well ahead in progress according to various international measurements. But what if we were to measure our progress in sustainable development according to our own perspectives on what is most relevant in Denmark? How would we then measure whether we are on the right track to reduce inequalities and ensure more sustainable consumption and production? The fact is that no coherent measurement based on a national perspective has been done – until now.

In October 2019, the Our Goals initiative was launched with the ambition to develop supplementary national indicators and a baseline to measure progress in the SDGs
in Denmark. This will allow us to have clear and concrete data on how Denmark is doing on our journey towards a more sustainable society. The project will not only define the future of our country, but also a sustainable society across all sectors and industries.

“As a nation, we need to be able to ensure momentum in our transformation to become a more sustainable society, which is why national indicators for measuring sustainable development are incredibly important. The project brings together all the forces in the community to discuss what the SDGs mean to us, and how we can create innovative solutions to the biggest challenges, we have here in Denmark.”

Bahare Haghshenas, Partner, SDG Strategy and Innovation

Our Goals is probably the most inclusive nation-wide process to define national indicators at a global level. The ambition was from the beginning to involve civil society, businesses, authorities and local governments, knowledge institutions and universities, and not least people living in Denmark to take part in developing the indicators based on what they find most important in a Danish context. To get input from as many people as possible, an extensive national campaign was launched, including a digital engagement platform for citizens and other stakeholders to give input. Six workshops with more than 500 participants in total as well as individual debates for each of the 17 SDGs were held across the country. In total, more than 6000 inputs were collected to the development of national indicators.

A set of around 250 new national indicators and a baseline are delivered to The 2030 Network in the Danish Parliament in September 2020.

Deloitte has been selected to manage the Our Goals project in collaboration with Statistics Denmark along with a range of partners consisting of Geelmuyden Kiese, Sweco, Dansk Energi Management, Kraka, RUC and AAU.

“Statistics Denmark chose Deloitte as a trusted partner on the difficult task of setting up national measuring points on the SDGs in Denmark. Deloitte has in all areas delivered work of very high professional value and emerged through the process as a communicative and responsive partner. The complex task is delivered with great precision and throughout the process met all milestones and deadlines. Deloitte has therefore proven to be a highly competent partner that is crucial to the success of the project.”

Niels Ploug, Director of Social Statistics

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Our Goals - defining the future of Denmark

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