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Small Great Nation, a joint initiative by Deloitte Denmark and local think tank Kraka, was launched three years ago to facilitate a fact-based and data-driven dialogue across businesses, the public sector, and organisations. Its mission is to engage people to discuss and co-create better solutions for bringing Denmark forward – and for including everyone on the journey.

Through reports on Denmark’s social, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities, the initiative successfully gathered government ministers, CEOs and entrepreneurs in the discussion.

Building on that success and helped by leading economists in Denmark, Deloitte and Kraka decided to launch a new reform proposal on reaching Denmark’s ambitious climate target of a 70% CO2 emission reduction by 2030. Small Great Nation was first in the public agenda with the proposal, which has been referenced in many correlations.

With the COVID-19 crisis hitting the world, Small Great Nation also provided new analyses and advised the Government on the economic effects of corona with suggestions on how to survive the crisis. One of our main suggestions was to encourage the Danish state to take out a large loan of €40bn, to be placed in a fund to cover the losses for the companies who are struggling the most. This would cover the losses of two months.

This year, we have also recruited a youth panel that, through a series of workshops and inspirational days, has created a new vision for Denmark 2040 based on the topics of social impact, climate change, economics, and societal crises. On top of that we launched three reports, held five webinars and two live events. And finally, Malou Aamund, Bert Nordberg and Jim Hagemann Snabe, among others, were featured in the podcast this year.


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