Anne Sofie Kann Povelsen

A strong network will take you where you want to go

Anne Sofie Kann Povelsen is a partner in our Tax & Legal business unit – an area of expertise she has worked with since 2011. Even though Anne Sofie describes it as quite a coincidence that she ended up with a career in tax, it becomes clear – when diving into the story about her career – that creating and maintaining strong professional and personal networks is at the root of what makes Anne Sofie a strong partner for both clients and colleagues.

What do you love the most about your job?

The feeling of belonging. I came to Deloitte in 2014. I joined shortly after Niels Josephsen took over as the Tax & Legal leader, whom I worked with previously and who has been a big support in my career progression. The professional community that you become part of when joining Deloitte is the main reason I thrive here. Of course, I am incredibly proud to represent the biggest professional services firm, leading within my field worldwide, but what has kept me motivated and constantly developing is the strong network of knowledgeable colleagues across our member firms that Tax & Legal is part of. I went on maternity leave in May 2020, when the COVID-19 lockdown was still fairly new. Coming back 10 months later and seeing how the entire team has stuck together, developed new ways of working and thriving and simultaneously achieved one of the strongest results in many years is, to be honest, moving. It showcases what we are made of and how we stick together when the going gets rough – that is the Deloitte I am proud of.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Since joining Deloitte, my main focus has been working together with large Danish companies - both nationally and internationally - within the areas of corporate tax, M&A, new market entries, disputes with tax authorities in other countries, etc. The span of cultures, countries and types of assignments I get to work with keeps me highly motivated. It also keeps me in tune with our own Danish development within the field, but also to a great extent the development of other Deloitte member firms and in their countries.

I am particularly proud of our recent work with Chr. Hansen, where we advised them in the process of selling their Natural Colors division - which is active in around 30 countries - to EQT. It was a truly exciting collaboration between three business units: Tax & Legal, Consulting and Financial Advisory, where we worked as one and leveraged our broad expertise across offerings and countries. All our teams worked tirelessly and truly delivered an impact that mattered for the client.

You became a partner in this financial year. What did that mean to you?

As a person who always strives for personal and professional development, the journey towards becoming a partner has been a natural progression for me. I have always felt very appreciated and supported by the management, and it felt like the right timing. When the talk of partnership arose, I was highly motivated and ready to take that next step of responsibility. I strongly believe that if you are chosen and pushed forward, you are strong enough to accelerate your career – and urge others to also have faith in themselves and their surroundings. Something I truly appreciated on my journey to the partnership was experiencing how the entire Partner Admission Committee adapted their plans for the admission process, not only to fit into a sudden lockdown due to COVID-19, but also to take my current life situation into account, as my maternity leave came thrillingly close to the set dates of the partner case presentations. Going that extra mile to make sure I stayed on track of my succession showed me that at Deloitte, we root for each other. Even when the world is quite literally closing down around us, we conquer whatever obstacles we are faced with as a team.

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A strong network will take you where you want to go

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