Consulting - A team like no other

FY21 will not be remembered for its social activities, physical gatherings nor its ‘traditional’ educational programmes. It will go down in our firm’s history as the year when we stuck together as a team against the longest lockdown in our lives and when our financial performance was a record high. Culture once again proved to eat strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thanks to our people’s hard work, dedication, creativity and can-do attitude, this year ended above all expectations. We are extremely glad to have supported some of the biggest and most influential companies and institutions in Denmark and globally on their most complex digital transformation journeys. We have helped them turn learnings from COVID-19 into business advantage and strengthened their foundation.

High growth on digitalisation and transformation projects

The underlying revenue growth in Consulting was 6 per cent compared to last year. Our actual growth rate of 0 per cent is due to fact that the revenue we earned on some of our major projects for Danish headquartered clients, but which were carried out in collaboration with Deloitte member firms from other countries, has not been invoiced and accounted for in our Danish firm. This accounting principle explains the discrepancy between the underlying growth rate and the actual growth rate. COVID-19 and the government stop on consultancy services did affect our underlying growth rate in the first half of the year, but in the second half we recorded a growth rate of 12.4 per cent compared to the same period last year.

Our Consulting family is growing with Syncronic

We are thrilled to have welcomed Syncronic into our family, one of Denmark’s leading consulting firms specialising in digital supply chain transformations. Together we will support our clients with planning and supply chain capabilities in these turbulent times when so many companies face dramatic volatility in demand and rapidly changing consumer behaviour.

Our SAP S/4HANA practice is also growing, not only in Denmark but across the Nordics. This is yet another testimony to the fact that technology has taken a massive leap over the last few years, and that any large company must embrace a digital transformation in order to remain competitive in the long run.

An impactful year

Across all sectors, we have experienced high demand for our transformation capabilities, and we have been invited to advise, implement and operate many great solutions, thereby making an impact for our clients. We are also extremely proud to have contributed to the roll-out of the vaccine programme, a very important societal task.

We will intensify our investment in developing our practice, people and competencies to remain our clients’ preferred transformation partner. In the coming year, our core focus will be on team and talent and on making up for all the social and development activities that were put on hold for almost two years, making sure that we can deliver even more transformational impact to our clients.

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Consulting - A team like no other

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