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F&H – kickstarting an e-commerce transformation

E-commerce and online presence have become inevitable fundamentals for all companies operating in the wholesale and retail industry. This development has been a reality for years, and as the COVID-19 pandemic raged and shut down most physical stores around the world, the trend was truly accelerated.

F&H, Scandinavia’s leading brand house for interior, kitchen, table and bath, saw huge possibilities and potential in the trend and developed a comprehensive e-commerce strategy that influenced their complex organisation from a-z.

F&H chose to partner up with Deloitte and together embark on an e-commerce business transformation journey, building a brand-new e-commerce strategy with the aim of supporting their purpose in this digital age: to bring quality interior and hardware to customers.

A project of this calibre required both development of the overall strategy and operating model, as well as clever technology selection and implementation. It required scrutinisation of the entire organisation to ensure that the new strategy stayed consistent and was visible in all operations – from call centre to distribution.

First of its kind

As a key element in the new strategy, a brand-new online shop,, was launched across all Nordic markets in spring 2021, built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Besides functioning as a platform for show-casing how F&H’s products from different brands complement one another, the website is a steppingstone towards F&H’s big ambition: to conquer international markets.

F&H further decided to invest in a combined eco-system for the B2C sales channels and migrate all their current brand websites to the Salesforce platform.
Additionally, they chose to support the eco-system with a better platform for customer service and marketing across countries by implementing a Salesforce Service & Marketing Cloud.

This is the first ever e-commerce project in the Danish market for Deloitte and therefore a great achievement and milestone. For F&H, the journey continues and lays ground for generating an increasingly larger part of the revenue through online presence. It is F&H’s aspiration that the new e-commerce strategy will function as the caterpillar to expand into new markets internationally – both at a B2C and a B2B level. Deloitte is proud to be part of the journey with F&H as they conquer new markets and reach new customers.

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F&H – kickstarting an e-commerce transformation

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