Female Academy

Inspiring the female leaders of the future

The group behind Female Academy strives to empower female students to bring their personal and professional talents into play, both as a team and as individuals. By providing a creative, inspiring and playful environment, 25 female students every year get access to a space where self-reflection and development of capabilities are encouraged, and where they can expand their network with peers, professionals and leaders. Through this and by introducing them to a wide array of career paths, Deloitte wants to inspire future female leaders and help them reach their full potential.

The initiative was launched as a centralised Deloitte concept in 2018 as one of our first gender-specific initiatives to attract young talents. This year, the initiative was adopted across all business units in Deloitte, who now all take part in the facilitation of Female Academy – and with great success. Below, Simone Emilie Stieglitz and Alexandra Rosenberg Jørgensen - who are part of the group behind Female Academy - will tell us a bit more about the initiative.

Why do we need a women-only network?

Female Academy aims to include women in a traditionally male-dominated culture and inspire everyone at Deloitte – regardless of their gender – to create inclusive and lasting professional relationships. The gender balance in Danish professional services firms – including Deloitte – is not up to par, and the progression has been moving at a slow pace. With Female Academy we want to change this.

What is Female Academy’s most impactful results?

We had the opportunity to introduce partners from all our business units to this group of young talents. That has been an incredible experience for the participants and partners and is a strong reflection of the managerial support needed to make progress on a cultural change like this. With our broad representation, we have been able to welcome participants from five different Danish universities and with a range of different educational backgrounds. Furthermore, 40 per cent of the participants had a different nationality than Danish. With Female Academy, we are fostering a wonderful, inclusive environment that these women can be part of for the rest of their careers.

What is the future of Female Academy?

The possibilities of evolving Female Academy are endless. We believe that the broad network that is created now cultivates lasting relationships across our company that will grow and instigate internal multi-disciplinary collaborations, as well as an external alumni network that can inspire talented women across our firm and industry. The programme will continuously reassess its focus to ensure that it stays relevant and covers prevailing trends and topics. Therefore, tech is an area we will dive deeper into going forward.

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Inspiring the female leaders of the future

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