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JOE & THE JUICE – supporting a global journey locally

In 2002, Kasper Basse got a clever idea. Inspired by concepts such as Starbucks and cafés in stores, he decided to open a juice bar in his two friends’ furniture store in central Copenhagen. He developed a signature concept, a desired atmosphere, and the name: JOE & THE JUICE. That one small juice bar quickly turned into three, then to 100, and as of 2021, JOE & THE JUICE owns close to 300 stores on four different continents.

JOE & THE JUICE has grown tremendously over a short period of time, which naturally brings complex challenges for a company that was just a one man show less than 20 years ago. It became evident that the company had grown too big for its audit and tax procedures, and last year, JOE & THE JUICE chose Deloitte as their trusted advisor to assist in developing their audit and tax operations to support their global journey and success.

Together, JOE & THE JUICE and Deloitte have initiated a transformation process of the finance operations. Best practices have been identified and organised, leading to the implementation of a more data-driven and automated audit system – a new and more professionalised approach to audit with a greater focus on risk.

Centralisation drives cohesion

A cornerstone in the partnership has been to centralise functions and strategically mobilise operations to fit a joint global standard. Together with Deloitte, the tax operations have been developed to ensure compliance across the globe in all tax-related areas, including corporate tax, sales and transfer pricing. Today, all audit and tax functions are centralised in the headquarter and service centre in Copenhagen. The result is increased cohesion in the core operations.

A successful brand requires successful operations, and Deloitte is pleased to assist JOE & THE JUICE in reaching new heights and to be by their side through this global journey.

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JOE & THE JUICE – supporting a global journey locally

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