Jay Choi

Racism does exist – so we need to have those hard conversations

Meet Jay Choi who has worked across the globe before joining Deloitte Denmark, where he helps to support diversity and inclusion initiatives at the firm – and is driving our cyber business.

Jay Choi is a partner in Risk Advisory who decided to join Deloitte because of our unique position in the market as a trusted advisor capable of offering an extensive security portfolio that underpins our clients’ digital transformation. Jay is part of an international team that continues to grow and attract talents. However, Jay has not always felt welcome in Denmark. He decided to share his story to create an open forum to discuss racism and how to improve inclusion. On top of this, Jay’s story inspired our work on improving the overall employee experience for international talents in Deloitte Denmark.

This year, you publicly shared your experiences with racism in Denmark. How has the response been?

Overall, the response has been positive and my discussion with our CEO Anders Dons in an internal broadcast was an open, safe and candid environment to share my personal experiences. It created a positive focus on inclusion, but also made it clear that racism is a subject of taboo for many Danes, who are sometimes unsure how to approach it. There are different reasons behind this: awkwardness in sharing such private stories may be one aspect, but I also sense that Danes may view the conversation around racism as an ‘infringement’ on other people’s very personal experiences. Political correctness and professional ‘space’ are important in Denmark, but as the conversation started, my Danish colleagues opened up and started talking about issues related to racism.

How can we move forward on this agenda?

We have established a good starting point by creating a greater focus on our international colleagues and by partnering up with non-profit organisations that will serve as a sounding board on our respect and inclusion projects going forward. I believe these initiatives will help to further integrate, attract and retain global talents. Having a diverse workforce is good for business as diversity of thought is becoming more important than ever before. These initiatives will help to further build a respectful and inclusive culture in Deloitte. Caring for each other, supporting integration and being welcoming towards people from other countries and cultures as an employer - and as colleagues - are critical in a globalised world where many people move for the purpose of work.

What do you love the most about your job?

My job is truly varied. I have a healthy balance of meeting inspiring clients and solving the most complex problems together with the team. I also get to work with talents on career and personal development. Secondly, I love Deloitte’s ambition: to be bold and always challenge each other in teams where we have the skills to make a real impact for clients – and each other.

In terms of having a more diverse workforce, we are slowly getting there. But we cannot rest on our laurels. When I talk to potential candidates, it is clear that our ability to maintain a diverse workforce helps attract our future talents. We need to continue our commitment to making everyone feel welcome - it will help us grow in the right direction.

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Racism does exist – so we need to have those hard conversations

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