Financial Advisory - Raising the bar for financial advisory services

This past year in Financial Advisory has been nothing short of extraordinary. With an incredible revenue growth rate of 34 percent, we could not be prouder of the Financial Advisory team. Across all service lines, we are seeing great results and record-high revenue numbers.

We have become a market-leading player with a well-balanced performance culture. We have done so, for example, by making room for different career paths and preferences. So, whether you want the steepest career progression or slow down the pace - because you want to lead a more family-friendly life or spend time on your interests - it’s possible to stay on our team.

Harvesting the results of our industry specialisation

The high level of M&A deal activity has had a positive impact, and there is no doubt that we are reaping the benefits of having industry-specialised teams. This has enabled us to advise our clients on a whole new level, which is not only valuable to the client, it also develops our talents. By allowing our talents to build deep specialist competencies within an industry, they are equipped to engage in origination and advisory of senior clients from an early stage in their career.

While we have helped with the sale or purchase of many successful businesses, others have been struggling to stay afloat in the wake of COVID-19 and Brexit. Our Special Situations team has been busy helping those businesses out of the crisis through restructuring and refinancing.

The battle for data and anti-money laundering continues

During the past year, Transaction Services has gained strong footholds and acquired market shares across the industry. With their newly established analytics team, we are now able to take a data-driven approach to deal-making, which provides valuable insights to our clients. Intelligence also plays a vital role in Forensic Services. This is our smallest team, yet it is growing rapidly as we continue to see an increasing need to combat money laundering and financial crime.

Diversity makes us stronger

We have built an incredibly diverse team in terms of competencies, ethnicity and religion. Being a melting pot adds to our intellect, it makes us stronger and it is more fun. One of the reasons why we have become more diverse is that we have focused on recruiting from a broader range of study programmes. Through such initiatives and by making room for different career paths, we are building a foundation where a diverse culture can flourish.

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Financial Advisory - Raising the bar for financial advisory services

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