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Small Great Nation’s Youth Panel – a vision for Denmark in 2040

In the Small Great Nation initiative, Deloitte Denmark and think tank Kraka collaborate on engaging Danish businesses, organisations and the public sector to discuss and co-create solutions for a better Denmark. And what better way to discuss our future than to listen to those who will actually be at the centre of realising it: Denmark’s youth.

This year, we gathered 42 of the brightest young minds from all around the country with diverse backgrounds and profiles – but with one thing in common: a strong desire to make a difference in our society. Together, they make up the Small Great Nation Youth Panel.

They embarked on a journey to define the Denmark they want. Through six months of workshops, inspiration and hard work, they used the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as their starting point and unfolded challenges and opportunities in our society. Subsequently, they turned them into visionary solutions within topics such as climate change, the labour market, education and healthcare. The result? A bold vision for Denmark in 2040.

We encouraged them to think big and not let their ideas be discouraged by the usual limitations that decision-makers are subject to. Their vision was not to be analytically heavy nor data-driven. It should be a reflection of the young generation’s vision and ambition for the future. A reflection of the society they want to be part of.

Unfolding their vision with Esben Bjerre
In autumn 2020, the Youth Panel launched their vision through four virtual sessions where members of the panel discussed topics from their vision with experts, including Allan Polack, Marianne Dahl, Brian Mikkelsen and Michael Svarer. Well-renowned TV-, radio- and podcast host Esben Bjerre facilitated the dialogues as the sessions’ host - watch the sessions here. Representatives from the Youth Panel also presented the vision in different business forums and an episode of the podcast.

Read more about the Youth Panel and download their vision here.

The data-driven discussions continue

In addition to unfolding the Youth Panel’s vision, the Small Great Nation initiative has continued to launch reports and initiatives, including:

All initiatives with the purpose of facilitating a fact-based and data-driven dialogue about our small great nation and the ever-changing world we are a part of.

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Small Great Nation’s Youth Panel – a vision for Denmark in 2040

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