Winners 2023 | Best Managed Companies 

Meet the 16 winners of this year’s Best Managed Companies Awards

The Best Managed Companies program is currently taking place in 25 countries all over the world - and more countries will join in the years to come. The designation is a symbol of excellence and a source of pride for outstanding private companies. 

The award is given by an independent jury in cooperation with Deloitte. The jurors are Nina Smith, Professor of Economics at Aarhus University, Lars Cordt, partner in the Danish private equity fund Axcel, Christoph Grimpe, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School and Jens Bjerg Sørensen, CEO of Schouw & Co.

All the participating companies went through a two-phase application process. The first phase determined their eligibility and the second phase consisted of a lab-session where the companies’ performance within strategy, capabilities, commitment and financials were challenged and evaluated. This year's winners are working with ESG in the next phase: from baseline to impact. ESG is part of the winners’ mindset being a development catalyst where innovation and sustainability are general enablers.

The success of this year’s winner companies is a result of investment in talent and technology, an ability to innovate in a competitive environment, and an intent to compete on the global stage. The winning companies have proven their capability and commitment to deliver and implement a clear and strong strategy, allowing them to impact on a higher level of organizational success and achievement.

This year's winners are:

  • Sanovo Technology A/S
  • Titan Containers A/S
  • FairWind A/S
  • Hoyer Group A/S
  • European Energy A/S
  • Monjasa Holding A/S
  • H+H International A/S
  • Svanehoj Denmark A/S
  • Beirholms Væverier A/S
  • Micro Matic A/S
  • HedeDanmark
  • Semco Maritime A/S
  • Autorola Group Holding A/S
  • Too Good To Go Holding ApS
  • Creativ Company A/S
  • V. Guldmann A/S

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