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At Acacia, we are pioneers at heart. We help you unleash ideas and turn them into new and sustainable products, services, and business models, so your businesses can tackle the greatest challenges that our planet face.

We co-create today, so that you can build a better tomorrow

Denmark has set ambitious goals to transform the world into a more sustainable place. One of them is to reduce emissions by 70% by the year 2030. To make this happen, we need radically new thinking, co-creation across industries and business run in a more responsible way.

That’s the world we want to create.

Located in central Copenhagen, we’re experts in facilitating sustainable innovation and co-creating breakthrough growth opportunities while inspiring others. Like the Acacia tree that thrives in the most desolate environments, bringing life to places it didn’t exist before, we help carve a path for others to succeed.

Over the years, we have co-created together with an ecosystem of partners, including UNDP, business hubs, universities, the Industry Foundation, sustainability and communication experts, the world’s first national measuring points on the UN’s sustainable development goals. We have co-developed and facilitated UNLEASH – the world’s largest innovation lab for sustainable development. We have helped co-create climate-friendly fish farms, turn meat products to vegan versions, and developed commercial climate strategies. All with improved business as a result for more than 100 companies and organizations.

“We have met with some razor-sharp minds from both UNDP and Deloitte. They helped us frame our business case and really work through the whole solution.”
Ronny Saul, CEO of the catering company, Jespers Torvekøkken

We co-create

We’re experts in facilitating. We help you find your path to new sustainable products, services or business models that suits you.

We inspire

Want to know what’s trending? Our Center of Excellence provides best practices, know-how and support to accelerate sustainable transformation.

We collaborate

We join forces with you so you can succeed in an open-source world. We drive flagship projects for public and private organizations.

Companies that are changing the world

We help small and medium-sized Danish enterprises develop sustainable business solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

See a selection of our cases below or download our magazine.


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Metal 3D printing helps develop innovative and sustainable products

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Stopping upstream ocean pollution

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3D printing can revolutionize the delivery of spare parts and minimize waste

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Replacing outdated heating systems with heat pumps

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Sustainable business solutions that address the world’s greatest challenges.

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