A crystal clear legacy of craftsmanship

Frederik Bagger is the son of the world famous designer Erik Bagger known for several iconic designs over the years. At the age of two, he sat on his father’s lap and drew sketches while learning about Danish design, aesthetics to great materials, and craftsmanship.

Many years later, Frederik turned his childhood creativity into a business as he opened the doors to Frederik Bagger ApS in 2014. But as his business grew, so did his need for competencies within accounting and financial advice. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to advise Frederik within VAT, tax, and financial reporting, but also funding and legal structure when he established a business partnership with Karsten Ree Holding. This allows Frederik to keep his creative mindset on developing his products while trusting that the “dry financial stuff” is handled by Deloitte.

Our business relationship is based on audit and financial advisory with a 360 degree approach to the business and the family. We are proud to follow Frederik on his journey as his entrepreneurial dreams crystallize along the way.

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