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"I am passionate about making a difference every day. With a curiosity to create, develop and build something bigger together with my colleagues. It truly motivates me to be part of an organization, which is eager to develop and appreciate each talent’s unique strengths are immense. For me, that is the key to create a winning culture, to deliver the best solutions to our clients and fully play to our join strength as a community. I look forward welcoming new experienced talents to our team”. //Tenna Jørgensen, Partner and Talent lead in A&A Distinctive.

You matter
Our lives are defined by continuous change – why shouldn’t your career reflect that?
In Deloitte, we want you to have the possibility to make the changes you need in your career, and we encourage you to engage in an open dialogue about what you want at any given point in your life. Whether that means advancing as a leader, changing your professional path or seeking specialisation, it’s up to you. We will embrace your personal passions and talents, and offer you the space and inspiration to explore your potential so you can play to your strengths and thereby contribute to our journey.

So, what can we do for you? In short, we offer a sustainable work environment based around agility, decency, diversity, curiosity and collaboration – and you. Are you intrigued? Then read on.

Tailored and dialogue-based development
The world is continually changing – and so is Deloitte. We constantly reflect on who we are, what we are capable of achieving today, and who we will need to be in the future. We believe our best option is to create a strong workforce with diversity at its core and to ensure the continuous development of our people – because they are our future.

Specialisation comes with a need to prioritise and focus, and we promise you the best conditions for doing that. If you share the ultimate dream of many auditors – of becoming a Certified Public Accountant – look no further. We offer a learning & development programme, tailored to meet both your professional and personal needs and to facilitate your journey in the best possible way. For more knowledge read the booklet “Future of Audit”.

Furthermore, we believe that a leadership that is close to you is crucial to your path to success. Our leadership structure is built on this belief, so coaches, managers and team leaders will be an important part of your everyday working life, providing you with the exact support and coaching you need. In order to develop your talents and strengths, Deloitte has implemented a dialogue-based approach to performance, delivering rapid feedback, which provides you and your coach with the foundation for the ongoing dialogue about your career.

The impact we make

In Deloitte, we believe in synergy: in the magic of talented people working together to create something that is significantly greater than what the individual is capable of. 

We greatly value our colleagues; we help each other and care about each other. At the end of the day, none of us are superheroes – at least not all the time.
Working in Deloitte is about the value we create. Our licence to operate is based on high quality, and it is essential to us that our employees participate in challenging and developing our standards.

We strive to create value for the people and clients around us. Being part of our community, therefore, is all about instilling trust in each other and in our clients. Furthermore – with programmes such as Unleash and Small Great Nations – we contribute to the world around us and can claim responsibility for facilitating a qualified debate about the society of tomorrow. To us, success is the feeling of making an impact that outlasts us.

To us, success is the feeling of making an impact that outlasts us.
What impact will you make?


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