Deloitte Indefra

Meet Gabriella, who joined Deloitte to learn, connect and develop with great colleagues.

1. What is your name and, if you have one, your nickname?
Name: Gabriella Elisabeth Zurbuchen
Nickname: Gabi

2. When did you join Deloitte?
In August 2016.

3. Why did you apply for a job with Deloitte?
Great workplace
Good reputation
Good possibilities
Good combination of work and education
Good internal education programme

4. What is your educational background?
I completed a degree in marketing in 2016. I became aware that I wanted to educate myself further in economics, as I found it very interesting. The education you get at Deloitte was very attractive to me, and the combination of studying and having a fulltime job suits me well. To have the opportunity to use the things you learn in real life situations every day is great.

5. What would you like to get out of your graduate process?
To get a good understanding of accounting and auditing.
To grow with the tasks and become more independent.
To have fun learning a lot of new stuff, with good colleagues around.

6. What characterises you as a colleague?
I am helpful
I am positive
I am caring
I am accommodating
I am diligent

7. What are your hobbies?
Family and friends - the most important thing, they always make me happy.
Dancing - the music and the movements put me in a good mood.
Outdoor running – it is like a therapy for me. It clears my head.

8. Impact that matters. What difference do you make in everyday life?
I am a fighter and am grateful to be a part of Deloitte. Moreover, I really love my job and look forward to every new day, and I think my spirit puts my colleagues in a good mood as well.

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