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Challenge and change!

Deloitte provides you with a dedicated learning experience designed to set you up for success. As a professional development curriculum, Deloitte ChangeMaker complements learning with 'on-the-job' development and coaching. We empower you to manage change, challenge the existing, and navigate in a dynamic reality.

Be bold – challenge the future
We take a novel approach to auditing by combining 21st century tools: innovation and analytics with business skills and understanding as well as leadership capabilities.

Deloitte ChangeMaker challenges how we approach auditing today. Processes are automated, simplified, and standardised, which is why auditors needs to be capable of using advanced data to look into the future and see the broader perspective for their clients instead of only analysing the past.

So why join? Because we will provide you with a solid ability to see and respond to change, to use the latest technology, and to reimagine audit to make the best auditor – and you will become a ChangeMaker.

ChangeMaker - where people grow
At Deloitte, you will find the opportunity to build an international career in a culture founded on curiosity, passion and high ambitions. Your daily work will consist of a combination of highly engaging learning & development opportunities, close contact with clients and support from an excellent network of highly skilled people.

Your professional and personal development is the centre of attention. Hence, we have assembled a number of dedicated people, including a coach, to unlock your potential. This person will help you turn challenges into competences and realise your career goals. We want to challenge you, so that you can challenge us.

For the curious purpose seekers
What defines an Audit Graduate? The answer is an explorer of opportunities. We seek you who dare to think differently; characterised by learning agility, curiosity, change ability, stamina, economic flair, trusted advisor capabilities and a desire to make a difference.

Deloitte ChangeMaker applies to both recent graduates with a master in CMA and high school graduates with a mathematical background. We want to assemble a diverse team of young minds, with different interests and potentials. Young minds, who are ready to learn and develop, and thereby develop us.

It's your future. How far will you take it? Send your application and chase the opportunity to challenge and change.


Be bold – join us and challenge the future of Audit & Assurance
Meet Simone, Snorre, Laura, Nicolai and Shanna in the video presentations below.

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