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We engage with clients to shape the future; creating companies of the future, building the future welfare state and reinventing financial institutions. To accomplish that, we welcome challenges and change. We believe greatness comes from venturing outside the comfort zone.

We are a diverse group of management consultants with different passions and specialisations striving to make a difference. To us, success is the feeling that the work we are doing will outlast us. The impact we make is not about what we achieve as individuals, but how we enable those around us to be their very best. How we change the game.

Addressing three industries, products, public sector and financial services, we offer career opportunities within services such as digital innovation, strategy and operations, HR transformation, technology, analytics and information management and all the business transformations in between. Divided into ten different and specialised service lines, we serve our clients throughout their value chain and offer our talents an educational playground with a talent manager to unfold their unique potential and career dreams.  

Our organisation gives us the opportunity to make an impact by solving our clients’ most complex problems. This puts emphasis on the ability to work in teams with diverse and complementing competencies, where each individual is handpicked to the team to meet the specific needs of the client.  

Guided autonomy – play by your strengths
Your professional and personal development is the centre of attention, and you will find the opportunity to build an international career in a culture founded on curiosity, passion and an eager to evolve. Your daily work will consist of a combination of highly engaging learning and development opportunities, close contact with clients and support from an excellent network of dedicated and skilled people.

Strengths-based dialogues and coaching focused on mentorship define our approach on performance, as we believe it ensures the best educational experience. Creating the opportunity for our people to be extraordinary by playing to their strengths, and thereby offering strong development and career progression. We help you to put your strengths into play, so we can change the game together.

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Learn more about the uniqueness of all our different GameChangers, and how they are organised here (Link to article). 

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