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About Risk Advisory

In Risk Advisory, you find a diverse group of inclusive and dedicated people, with a deep passion for their work and a tendency to get lost in their areas of interest. We are motley and specialised, containing a substantial number nationalities, educational backgrounds and areas of knowledge.

Some of us have an audit background, some are self-educated hackers, some have a broad commercial background with strategic or financial services others are old police officers specialised in cybercrimes. We find our common ground in those differences and embrace how that allow us to surprise, challenge, support and evolve as both team and individuals. 

We aim to make a difference and create great solutions for our clients. We cherish a deep respect for different passions, which we foster and acknowledge in every project as a community. It is truly important for all of us, to work within areas that motivates us and allow us to be the best version of ourselves. As that is the reason, we can keep inspiring each other and develop.

We consists of three service lines, Cyber Risk, Operational Risk and Strategic, Financial & Regulatory Risk, which you can get to know better by reading along.

Strategic, Regulatory & Financial Risk:
Strategic, Regulatory & Financial Risk work with our clients to establish and build robust risk management functions, give advice on complex transformations and take existing functions to the next level. By working in close co-operation with our Deloitte colleagues globally, we are positioned to identify industry themes, develop best practice solutions and assess regulatory developments.

Operational Risk:
Operational Risk empower organizations to build a streamlined risk and control environment by considering each unique process situation and the impact that growing regulation, changing governance standards, greater use of technology and globalization will have on organizational controls.

Cyber Risk:
Cyber Risk help organizations address their pressing and pervasive strategic information and technology risks, enabling ongoing, secure, and reliable operations. We also help our clients meet the requirements of their regulators, auditors, and internal stakeholders by addressing: Application security and controls; Business controls and process improvements; segregation of duties; interfaces and integration.

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