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About Female Academy

Deloitte Female Academy is our educational programme for curious, creative and ambitious female students. Here we wish to create a room where you can gain knowledge, bring your unique talents and passions to the table, and expand your network with peers, professionals and leaders.

Female Academy offers you a professional journey running from September until November, which will give you the opportunity to build valuable knowledge and specific tools you can use in your future career. Over the course of six sessions with various themes, a range of dedicated people will facilitate educational workshops, inspiring talks, debates and challenging events, as well as sharing their personal stories to offer you real-life insights into Deloitte’s work and culture.

Our ambition is that the setting of Female Academy will foster a network among the participants and create genuine relationships that can add value both now and in the future. Therefore, committing to Deloitte Female Academy means joining the kick-start of a professional community comprising female students with different interests, educational backgrounds and strengths, but with a shared drive, curiosity and eagerness to develop both as individuals and as a network.


Better together

We believe our differences are the source of our strength, and they foster diversity of thought and authenticity.

Female Academy is doing just that by establishing a space for co-creation and empowerment where your unique strengths are embraced. By bringing together different perspectives on reality, we wish to strengthen your ability to experiment, be creative, solve problems, and come up with innovative solutions. We see the programme, as well as the network, as an enabling tool to make a greater impact and unleash creativity. Better together.

To us, success is the feeling that the work we are performing will outlast us. The impact we make is not about what we achieve as individuals, but how we enable those around us to be their very best. With Female Academy, we wish to enable you to be extraordinary by playing to your strengths and enabling you to create an impact in such a way that triggers your motivation.


A professional journey for curious knowledge-seekers

Deloitte Female Academy applies to top female students at 2nd-year bachelor to 2nd-year master level. We want to assemble a diverse team of young minds, with different interests and skillsets. Young minds, who are ready to learn, develop and connect.

Therefore, whether you define yourself as a Business Quant, Digital Business Strategist, IT-specialist, Software Wizard, Strategic Audit Wizard, People Strategist, Analytics & Maths Master, Social Scientist or an Innovation Artist, Deloitte Female Academy is the place for you.

It's your future. How far will you take it?

We will start accepting applicantions for Female Academy 2024 in May - stay tuned!

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