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Our Graduate Program

Are you ready to apply the knowledge you have gained from years of studying to exciting new challenges? Do you want to take your career to the next level? Do you truly wish to make an impact that matters? Then you should consider joining Deloitte Risk Advisory Graduate Program. Join the team, and you will not only guard our clients from current risks, but protect them from potential threats in the future too.

Being a graduate at Risk Advisory
At Deloitte, it is a key priority to ensure that you continue to develop, and we have high ambitions for you as well as Deloitte.

As part of your career, you will go through a skills development program, Young Consultant School, throughout the first year on a consultant level. The program ensure you have the fundamental and best consultancy tools in hand, so you are well equipped to complex project-oriented work.  

From offering fundamental presentations techniques, that make you able to get through with important messages, to teach you how to facilitate and manage your work independently. Young Consultant School will enable you to advise our clients in the most professional manner and grow into your role, ensuring that you always are ready to great challenges and opportunities.

Moreover, Young Consultant School is an excellent place for you to network with both your peers and senior people. Dedicated consultants from all areas of Risk Advisory will share both their expertise and experiences; help you to get a great career start in curious and inclusive community, where only your dreams set the limits.   

In addition to Young Consultant School, you will participate in specific courses focused on developing you within the professional field of Risk Advisory. No matter what your area of interest is and whether you are what we call an IT audit aficionado, ethical hacker, treasury superstar, you can make your passion prosper. So are you ready to grow?