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Our Graduate Programme

In Risk Advisory, our thinking and actions give clients, our people and society the confidence to grow responsibly in a rapidly changing world.

We help our clients create value by embracing change – anticipating the risks that arise from uncertainty and offering solutions that benefit individuals, organizations, and society at large.

In the past we have been there to advise our clients and help them comply with laws, regulations and best practice. By combining the deep expertise of our people with innovative digital technology, we are changing the way our clients traditionally respond to uncertainty, helping to drive better performance.

In doing so, we are empowering our people to take responsibility for developing, delivering and running the future for our clients.

Once a year Risk Advisory hire 15-20 graduates with the following degrees: MSc in IT, Computer Science, communication, IT Engineering, Legal, Business Administration, Economics, Accounting or Finance or the like, who are ready to make their own impact that truly matters.

Risk Advisory Graduate Program is a combined training path where you learn about overall Deloitte topics and more local Risk Advisory topics for you to grow in your service area. Our environment is an excellent place for you to network with both your peers and senior people. Dedicated consultants from all areas of Risk Advisory will share both their expertise and experiences; help you to get a great career start in a curious and inclusive community, where only your dreams set the limits. 

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