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Hackers, strategists, it-specialists, auditors and legal professionals – we need you all! However, essentially we are looking for two types of profiles for our Risk Advisory Graduate Program. Do you see yourself in one of them?

The Defenders

The cyber treat landscape for nations, companies and citizens is on an explosive growth. More cyber regulation on the rise and an increased attack surface with a widespread use of robotic process automation, cognitive computing, power grid etc. makes defending extremely difficult and challenging. Businesses must make sure their systems, and the substantial amounts of personal and commercial data they hold is protected from failure, exploitation, theft, fraud and abuse. That is where the Defenders – people like you - enter the picture; cyber specialists who spot tiny discrepancies in a wealth of big data. You will help measure and mitigate risk, and provide intelligent insights on whether current processes and technology are performing adequately.

This is a highly specialized field, which makes it natural that your skills will be too. Technologically gifted, you are able to focus on the smaller details while seeing the bigger picture too. You will also have a genuine interest in the world of cyber and online security. You think of yourself as a cyber warrior who defends computer and information systems against malicious attacks and maltreatment. You want to make a career for yourself, but you also want to make a difference.

The Defenders will work within our Cyber Risk business unit.

The Ingenious

Our clients face fluctuating financial and economic risks, new regulations, shifting technology and globalization of their business. We help them deal with these issues and to succeed with their strategy. By means of thorough analysis, we help clients make informed, intelligent decisions that improve their opportunities.

In order to succeed, you are ingenious and a natural problem solver. You understand the potential risks, and you help our clients understand them too. You are therefore an excellent communicator, you have great people skills and you have a genuine interest in business - and of course, you are fond of numbers. In other words, you are the epitome of a business/management consultant.

You will work across departments, on international assignments, and you will quickly be involved in client proposals and help produce key analyses and reports. We make sure that you will get to grips with the latest models, methodologies, tools and frameworks, so that you feel confident when approaching the client. If you dream of making a successful career, this graduate program is a good choice, because the future will scream for people with your skills and experience.

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