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Autonomy, challenges and responsibility – my journey to becoming a full-time consultant

Interview with Erdal Ahmedovski, Consultant, Technology.

Erdal just has been with Deloitte as a business analyst for several years – part-time student, part-time consultant. What was most important for him in order to continue his professional journey together with Deloitte was the autonomy to expand and unfold his knowledge – to be part of an environment where insight into the newest trends are transformed into skills. This interview is about his first as fulltime consultant.

What is the difference between being a business analyst and being a consultant?
Frankly, I have never felt like a business analyst as I had challenging tasks from the beginning. I have worked on many exciting projects in a role far away from what you normally associate with a student position. Even though that gave me less hours for my studies, it also removed all pressure in connection with exams etc. Because of the steep learning curve and real-life cases that I have worked with in Deloitte, I gained a strong frame of reference so I could put my studies into perspective. I rapidly felt I got a deeper understanding of my curriculum as I could link theory with self-experienced practice. Last, I always had a huge flexibility during my studies, so I was able to balance work and studies in a good way.

I never really felt a difference as I have progressively been prepared for the life as a real management consultant. A process that allowed me to perform from day one, which was great.

Do you feel inspired in your daily work?
Almost every day. It is inspiring to be in a work place where your colleagues are passionate about their work and generous with their knowledge – which has an influence on me and my peers.

Moreover, you find a huge flexibility related to your personal passions in Deloitte. A setting and culture that allows you to explore areas that you find interesting. Thereby, I feel like the best version of myself, as I am engaged and motivated. I feel part of a bigger purpose – inspired by my leader’s visions and values.

How do you experience autonomy in your work in proportion to guidelines?
It surprised me how much responsibility I got from the beginning. I remember that I felt that my project manager had a huge belief in my skills – more than I did.

However, I quickly realised what my project manager expected: it was for me to make my own experience. Have the dialogue with the clients and discover their needs – and do it my way. Subsequently, I could bring the knowledge gained back to Deloitte and into the project team who had done that kind of work many times before. For me personally, that has been the best way to develop and learn – a lot of autonomy in deep waters with a life jacket waiting if necessary.

In Deloitte, you constantly experience the mindset that none of us is as good as all of us. This is the reason why we, as a community, foster autonomy – we know that the individual brings something unique to the table. Therefore, you are encouraged to do just that – every day. Which is one of the things I love the most about my job.

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