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Bryndís: Leadership is close to you

Bryndís moved to Denmark from Iceland in 2009. She wanted to experience working in a foreign country and ended up staying.

Prior to Deloitte, I was employed in another accounting firm but, three years ago, I decided to move. My motivation for choosing Deloitte was that I’d heard that the culture was more informal – and after visiting the Deloitte building, it really seemed like a nice environment to be in, explains Bryndís.

First impressions last, as they say. After three years in Deloitte, Bryndís’ initial impressions have only been confirmed.
I was surprised how strong the culture in Deloitte actually is. Instead of a traditional top-down leadership structure, Deloitte empowers its leaders and department leaders to take responsibility. The leadership structure is more flat than it is in most places. It’s my experience that the leadership is very close to you at all levels of the organisation. Although there are a lot of people working here, everyone has a leader close at hand.

Having a visible and accessible leader in her everyday work in Deloitte has had a large impact on Bryndís’ thoughts about her career:
Compared to my former job, I’m now much more focused on what motivates me: What makes me happy? What inspires me? I was used to just accepting that I was given a certain type of client but today, thanks to continuous, regular coaching, I am more conscious about my personal interests and so I have changed my client portfolio accordingly. In Deloitte, people ask what I dream of. They care about what you are good at and invite you to engage in an ongoing conversation about your potential. In Deloitte, it’s actually possible to change things, once you have decided what you want. That was eye-opening for me.

Bryndís elaborates further on what the unique management structure in Deloitte has meant to her in her career:
I just recently came back from maternity leave. Both before and after this period of absence, my leaders have been very attentive, asking how I am and aligning my ambitions for my career, roles and responsibilities – generally just helping me to work out the balance that is right for me. My closest leader checks in with me on a weekly basis to evaluate how things are going.

When asked when she feels the most challenged at work, Bryndís takes a deep breath and a fine wrinkle appears between her eyebrows:
When you have too little time to do too much, and at the same time you’re fighting hard to make things work at home. That’s the honest answer, she says with a timid smile. Then she adds:
But it’s exactly in these cases that the leadership has been very supportive and present.

Recently, one of Bryndís’ coworkers was ill during the busiest time of year. This situation was very challenging for Bryndís and put her under great strain. However, after talking things over with her leader, she was granted the help of a coworker from another team to help her out during the stressful period.
It’s no secret that auditors work a lot but, this past couple of years, the leadership here has tried hard to address the struggles you face as an employee. You can tell it’s something they really care about. They engage in the case of the individual employee and his or her varying needs over time. I think Deloitte is truly a frontrunner in this matter.

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