Deloitte Indefra

Meet Carina, who joined Deloitte to seize career opportunities and responsibility.

1. What is your name and, if you have one, your nickname?
My name is Carina Vinther Paaske (Nickname: Paaske).

2. When did you join Deloitte?
I joined Deloitte in 2016 on 22 August.

3. Why did you apply for a job with Deloitte?
I applied for a job at Deloitte because I thought it was a firm with a great opportunity for development.

4. What is your educational background?
I have a CMA (Cand.Merc.Aud) from Aalborg University.

5. What would you like to get out of your graduate process?
I recently became an assistant, but what I want to get out of this role is a better understanding of the audit process, the methodology, and simply just to get better at my job and get more responsibility.

6. What characterises you as a colleague?
I think of myself as a good colleague with a great sense of humour.

7. What are your hobbies?
I am a very active person and enjoy running, keeping fit, cycling and swimming. Otherwise, I spend time with my friends and family.

8. Impact that matters. What difference do you make in everyday life?
I think the most valuable difference I make in my daily working life is my will to cooperate; my social skills, and I think I just contribute with a positive mind-set.

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