Five questions to Ismaeel Rasul 

Dedicated coach in Distinctive Audit, who help others find their direction

Ismaeel R. works with great diligence; motivated by constant learning and development. Only his drive and passion can limit his ambitions, so there are no limits; and despite his young age, he is already a coach, eager to facilitate the potential of others.

What is it like being a coach?
In my second year, I became a coach, which was an interesting challenge that suited me well. To help others and share my experiences motivates me a lot. However, it also gave me a new kind of reasonability.

Being able to connect, create trust and follow a person’s development was both exciting and challenging. It was necessary for me to reflect on both personal and professional qualities, and learn to understand motivation drivers and reaction patterns to become a good mentor. It has taught me a great deal – also about myself.

What has been the greatest landmark in your career?
It was when I was promoted to senior, a year before the standard time, which I am very proud of. My motivation was my daily development. Every day I could take my performance to the next level because of the trust my manager showed me. He knew I wanted to perform. Then he let me, because he knew I could. There is an enormous amount of highly skilled people in Deloitte, so the promotion made me feel that I had really done something right.

However, I also put a lot of time and effort into my job. It is my first priority. It does not mean that my friends and family are not important, and that there is no time for fun. It means that I need to be open about my workload, prioritise and adapt from being professional to being young with my friends. Luckily, our flexible culture makes it easier to balance work and private life, so I can be ambitious and young at the same time.

How will you describe the culture in Distinctive Audit?
Unformal and ambitious. The open office environment creates the unformal atmosphere, which makes it easy to share knowledge and help each other. A joke flies through the office from time to time, and that is important as well.

Moreover, we have a unique unity both in and out of the office. I have made some very good friends.
I would describe us as knowledge seekers, caring and helpful. No matter what kind of issue I have, I can find the answer among my colleagues. We look out for each other; if I arrive exhausted at the office on a Sunday in our busy period, I always get a caring question about how I am.

When do you feel you make most impact?
When I feel the trust from a client who asks for our opinion before making a decision. That kind of recognition makes me feel that I make a difference.

At the office, I like to help and be available to my colleagues. It is very important for me to be the same safety net for my colleagues as they are to me, because that is how we perform at our best and make the best solutions.

What was your dream when you started at Deloitte?
My dream was to become an authorised accountant and maybe in the long term become a CFO for a big corporation someday. Right now, my short-term team dream is to work for Deloitte in London, because I think it is a great city with a good opportunity to build new insight.  

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