At the heart of family business

Aida Sasivarevic was just 19 years old when she joined Deloitte. Today, she specialises in the complex issues of running a family business

At Deloitte, you have chosen family business as your area of specialisation. Why?

”In Denmark, we have between 40,000 and 60,000 companies that are either fully or partially owned by families. Together, they have a profound impact on our society and are responsible for a large share of the Danish economy. Helping them grow and prosper is in fact helping the whole of Denmark grow and prosper. As an auditor, I can really make an impact that matters."

What exactly can you do for a family-owned business?

”For me, it is important to provide the full package for family-owned companies. That means not only handling the business side of things, but also taking into consideration one’s personal finances, including wealth management, succession planning, tax issues, and many other aspects of being a high-net-worth individual. In all of these areas I am proud to be part of a firm that can provide some of the leading experts in the country.”

Many successful family businesses operate internationally. Do you have to travel a lot?

”I do travel quite a bit, which is something I love to do. Recently, I have been to New York, Miami, Minneapolis, and Moscow, just to name a few places. Many Danish companies that are family-owned have global activities. In order to perform this kind of international audit we typically have to coordinate between the local auditors and the subsidiaries and business units before we can finally issue the group audit report.”

What is different about serving a family business compared to other large companies?

"Besides the interconnectedness of personal and corporate finances, I would definitely say that culture is what separates family business from other businesses. In a family business your heart is in it, not just your money. This means that I have to build strong relationships with my clients from the very beginning. Of course, my skills are what matters the most, but besides that it is all about building trust.”

How would you like to see your career progress, and how do you see the future of auditing?

"To me, these two questions are interlinked, especially at this time when our profession is changing so much. Traditionally, auditing has been about checking the statutory records and vouchers of a company. Today, we are taking on a whole new innovative and analytical approach. I am extremely excited to be a part of that journey. Even with many years of experience in auditing, I continue to learn something new every single day.”


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Aida Sasivarevic
Aida Sasivarevic

"At Deloitte, I can decide the pace of my own career. I know I have the full support of the firm."

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