A trusted advisor to owner-managed companies

Alexander Brix Kronborg is already climbing the leadership ladder at Deloitte. But being a trusted advisor to his clients is what matters the most

At Deloitte, you specialise in small, medium-sized and owner-managed companies. Why?

”To me, these companies are the most interesting from a business perspective. The owner is typically trying to create growth and new opportunities. Internationalisation is high on the agenda, so is digitisation of the business model. This is a phase when you really lay the foundation for growth and prepare your company for success.”

How exactly can an auditor help a company achieve success?

”In many ways! First of all, we are so much more than just auditors. Whether it be day-to-day financial management or big decisions such as passing the company on to the next generation, we know pretty much everything there is to know about running a business. Secondly, we draw on the skills of our talented colleagues. At the Aarhus office, for example, we have a great team of tax professionals. That gives us a unique opportunity for providing expert advice.”

Many accounting firms would probably say that they provide expert advice. What differentiates Deloitte?

”The breadth and depth of our services. Last week, I met with two of my clients to talk about cyber security, and I met with another to talk about robotics and process automation. Each time, I brought some of our digital experts from our consulting practice with me. That kind of knowledge exchange gives you a tremendous amount of credibility. I am really happy to be the one point of contact for my clients into the huge network of Deloitte.”

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career at Deloitte?

”I would probably say going from being an operational auditor to being a trusted advisor. I am really good at detecting tax issues, cyber issues, opportunities for digitisation, process optimisation, and so on. My clients call me whenever they need help, and I like that continuity. For every year that passes, our relationship just grows stronger and stronger.”

What is the next step for you in terms of career development?

“I already manage a team here at the Aarhus office. Developing your colleagues is definitely something I love to do and want to continue doing. In terms of my profession, I serve many clients that operate in transportation. One minute they are dealing with complex international legislation; the next they are talking about the horsepower of a brand new Volvo. Here, you really have to know the lingo to be part of the conversation. That is always a great opportunity to learn.”


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Alexander Brix Kronborg
Alexander Brix Kronborg

"The combination of working closely with clients and cooperating with colleagues both nationally and internationally is amazing."

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