Tackling the ups and downs of private equity

Mette Bredal enjoys advising her clients. She feels like she is developing and growing with them

You specialise in private equity and insurance. Why?

"It was actually not a specific career choice from the beginning. In fact, early on in my career I took on a mixed portfolio spanning all the way from production companies to financial institutions. However, I quickly realised that private equity and insurance are the two areas I am most passionate about. From an auditing perspective, they are both challenging and exciting."

What is so special about auditing a private equity fund?

"Primarily the valuation of their investments. As independent auditors we have to make absolutely sure that their valuations are realistic. To do this, we need to check the valuation model and also identify significant risks in the portfolio. This can be quite a complex process. Typically, my colleagues and I will have to challenge top management on some of their valuations before we can finally put our stamp on the audit report."

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

"I would probably say the very steep learning curve that I have had. Also the intricate legal structures of some of the private equity funds definitely add another level of complexity to the audit. I like that challenge, and I also like being part of an industry that is constantly evolving. I really enjoy being a trusted advisor to my clients. I feel like we are developing and growing together."

You are also coaching some of your younger colleagues here at Deloitte. Why is that?

"The success of our firm essentially depends on the success of our people, which is why I think it is so important to help my younger colleagues achieve their career goals. Coaching is something I love to do. It also makes a good counterbalance to the days when I am just buried in huge spreadsheets or complex legislation. I like that I can change between the two."

It sounds like you are very ambitious about your career. How do you cope with work-life balance?

"I just started my studies to become a state authorised public accountant, which in itself requires a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, I am so happy that Deloitte has become vocal about working more or less as you go through different life phases. It is still a journey for our firm, but I know that our top management team are fully committed to ensuring that you can prioritise the elements that are important in your life. That is definitely what I plan to do."


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Mette Bredal
Mette Bredal

"There is a very high level of professionalism at Deloitte. I like the fact that my learning curve has been so steep."

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