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ChangeMaker assessment days

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At ChangeMaker assessment days, you will get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in areas where you are already talented. You will get a chance to show us your passion, professional skills and personality as well as your motivation for becoming one of our new audit graduates.

Moreover, you will discover new insights about your skills and strengths, and find out if you and Deloitte are a good match.

You will meet potential future colleagues – a dedicated team who is ready to satisfy your curiosity. They will answer your questions, inform and challenge you, so that your choice to start a career in Deloitte is grounded on the best foundation.

Nice to know:

  1. The assessment days will take place from mid-September until the end of December 2018, in both Copenhagen and in selected cities in Jutland. From 2019 the interviews will be held on an individual basis.
  2. Candidates are invited to the assessment days based on a first personal interview with us.
  3. On the assessment day, all candidates are divided into groups based on educational level, where you will solve a financial case together as a team.
  4. During your work, two Deloitte professionals will be present, acting as a manager and a client, respectively.
  5. During your case presentation at the end of the day, we will challenge the team with questions, thus ensuring that everybody in the group contributes and gets a possibility to show his/her skills and motivation.
  6. The day after the assessment day, we will contact you and inform you of our hiring decision. If you are offered a graduate position and you accept, you will get the contract within a week.
  7. You will join Deloitte in August the following year, i.e. if you apply in August 2018, you will start the job in August 2019.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your interests and passions.

Applications to ChangeMaker are open

It's your future. How far will you take it? 

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