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Dear young mind,

You are at the beginning of your career. Maybe you have already started your first job. Maybe you are searching for the right opportunity to match your dreams and ambitions. You might be nervous, eager to bring value and excited to learn and develop.

I have almost been in Deloitte my whole career, and I have always had an amazing time. The culture is a part of my DNA, and it is like a unique spirit running through my veins. I might sound peculiar to you, that one firm can be that interesting. However, it is because of the inspiring people and the numerous opportunities to develop yourself. Deloitte has taught me a lot. However, I do not have all the answers, but I have some learnings to share that I hope will bring value to you.

First, before entering on a journey in a place like Deloitte, I think it is important to align your expectations both at work and at home with your loved ones. In my experience, it is essential to be in alignment with your surroundings. That way you minimise the risk of disappointing yourself, your manager or your family.

Moreover, I always say that it is better to have 80% tasks you can fulfil 120%, rather than the opposite. Remember to say “yes” to the tasks you can engage yourself in fully, and that “no” is also a kind answer. It takes substantial dedication, availability, self-awareness and presence towards both clients and colleagues to play well, both as a team and as an individual.

Likewise, it is essential to connect with your colleagues. That is how you will get to know Deloitte as a whole. Exactly that shared knowledge is what makes us unique.

Lastly, you must dare to dream. Deloitte is a forest filled with new paths and opportunities waiting for you to discover, giving you the chance to dive deep into your own potential and thrive.

Best regards,
Nikolaj Thomsen – Partner, Dynamic Audit

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