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One size fits one

Letter from a talent manager.

Dear talent,

Great management makes you feel supported – even though you are way outside your comfort zone. It makes you experience that people care about your wellbeing and development on your professional as well as your personal journey. It is important to me to be close to you in your daily work and that you consider me your go-to person.

As your talent manager, my most important task is to guide you and be close to your career development. It is both fun and interesting to get to know you and find out how we – together – unfold your potential in a way that motivates you and makes you prosper and allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me regardless of the character of your questions or worries – it being a discussion about your reflections on your career, promotion opportunities or difficult personal matters. Remember, it is my job to provide you with the best possible foundation to reach your career goals, transform challenges into capabilities or shield you from a workload bigger than you thrive on.

It is an educational relationship as I learn as well. Your unique perspectives challenge me to see things in a different light. Personally, I find it amazing to experience how I can look up to you as you inspire me as well.

A good piece of advice that I can give you is that you define the framework of your career and ambitions, and set your own boundaries. I can help and guide you do it, but you must reflect and make the deliberate choices yourself, because you will be challenged on it during your career. Not because your boundaries is not respected, but because interesting projects will come along that could fill out your whole day twice.

Therefore, beware of the reasons why you have create the framework for your career the way you have so you can be true to yourself and set a direction for your development. Decide how much time you want to commit, how fast you want to develop, which strengths you aim to put into play and be deliberate about the passions that drive your motivation. Then follow your career goals with 110 percent dedication so you can make an impact in the best possible way. Remember one size fits one.

I look forward to meeting you and finding the size that fits you.

Kind regards,

Your talent manager, Pia Jelstrup Besenbacher

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