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Anna Emilie, Christine and Astrid were former attendees of Deloitte Female Academy. In this interview, they share some of their reflections about why they joined the Academy and why they would recommend that you do the same.

What motivated you to apply for Deloitte Female Academy?

“I wanted to expand my professional network, especially among current female students and potential future female colleagues," Anna Emilie states.

For Christina, gaining a network of peers also played an important role in her decision to join. She explains,

"I found the program to be well-balanced between varied content and the opportunity to join a peer-group of like-minded female students. These things combined convinced me to apply for the Academy.”

What were your expectations and how has Deloitte Female Academy contributed to your career development?

“My expectations were quite high in terms of Deloitte’s ability to create an inspirational, motivating, and social environment,” Anna Emilie says and continues:

“I was curious to challenge myself in a personal and professional context – adding new skills to my profile. Deloitte Female Academy definitely seemed like a network focusing on meeting peers while achieving new knowledge and getting input on how to really exploit one’s strengths and navigate one’s weaknesses.”

Astrid also feels positive about the academy. She states,

“Through the academy I got to know myself better and my own preferred work style. Furthermore, I learned tools and tricks for having a career while keeping a healthy work-life balance.”

What would you recommend for future participants of Deloitte Female Academy to focus on during the academy?

“I recommend future participants to prepare for the events. It does not have to be more than 5-10 minutes thinking about what you would like to get out of the event, if you have any questions, and if there is anyone in particular you would like to talk to. And in general, just be curious and ask questions,” Astrid states.

What is your key takeaway from Deloitte Female Academy?

“Unique to Deloitte Female Academy is the exposure you get to an extremely talented peer group of other female students, but after that the common ground is less visible. In the Academy 2021, the participants differed in everything from educational background, years of professional experience, nationality, and career aspirations. Being in university, I found it to be beneficial to have this exposure and learn about all the paths that led the other participants to join the forum,” Christina clarifies.

She continues: “The second thing to highlight is how genuine the work from Deloitte on the battle for increased gender equality is. For me, it has a huge significance that I joined a company willing to stand in the frontline on this agenda, taking steps outside of what is currently the societal standard. This is one of the reasons I’m very proud to be a Deloitter today.”

Would you recommend Deloitte Female Academy to peers?

When asking Anna Emilie if she recommends Deloitte Female Academy to other female students, there is no doubt. “I would 100% recommend the Academy.

You need a “partner in crime”, and you need a forum where you can talk to likeminded people who share your interest. I have met some extremely smart, funny, and inspirational females through Deloitte Female Academy, and I am grateful to be able to follow and spare with them and together influence the diversity agenda in the right direction.”

“Be curious and stay curious – Apply Now”

-Quote – Anna Emilie Thrane

Christina Rise, Consultant in Operations Transformation, Private
Astrid Skovhus, former participant of Deloitte Female Academy
Anna Emilie Thrane, Consultant in Finance & Performance, Advisory
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