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Anna was one of the 25 female students who joined the very first edition of Deloitte Female Academy. In this interview she will share some of her reflections about why she joined the Academy and why she would recommend that you do the same.     

Why did you apply for Female Academy?

Female leaders have always been a huge inspiration for me both personally and professionally, as well as helping me define my own path.

When I heard about the Deloitte Female Academy I saw it as a great opportunity to meet a lot of great female minds, both from Deloitte and fellow curious students, and hear about their paths. At the time when I applied to the academy, I was about to complete my Master’s degree at CBS and curious about what should be next on my agenda. I found it challenging to figure out what and where to continue.

What were your expectations?

I thought Female Academy would be a great opportunity to meet Deloitte as well as create valuable relationships, so I was hoping to meet inspiring people with whom I could both share knowledge and learn from. I was also quite curious about the learning part of the academy with a focus on both personal and professional development. I expected to be challenged, to learn something new about myself and to build professional skills applicable in many areas of my life.

Would you recommend the academy?

One of my favourite artists, Frida Kahlo, once said, “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

I think of her words as an important personal reminder not to underestimate myself but also to dare to seek advice. I think these perhaps are two challenges that women, including myself, especially face. In relation to this I will highlight two reasons why I recommend female students to apply to the academy: Personal development and networking.

During the programme you develop a unique tool box together with Deloitte to empower you in reaching your goals, whether these are personal or professional. The second reason is strengthening your network.

I have met some great, strong women whom I admire and have become friends with, both from Deloitte as well as fellow students. I know they all will be forces for inspiration, sparring and future empowerment, which for me are the most valuable things I could take with me on my career path.

So go apply if this sounds appealing to you!


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