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Bringing home new perspectives

While studying at University learning about tax law, taxes and value-added tax, Sebastian took interest in Deloitte’s many career opportunities. One of his courses was inspiring because of a tax expert from Deloitte, who, alongside her job, passed on her knowledge through teaching. Her passion and insights made Sebastian and three fellow students apply for a trainee position – and they got it.

The journey begins by moving across Denmark

“It was important to me to be part of a workplace with travel opportunities and a great social environment. Tax & Legal in Deloitte has got both”, Sebastian smiles and continues telling about his first time in Deloitte.   

“The social environment was a driver for me right from the beginning, as I moved to Copenhagen and needed to root myself in a whole new city. Just like many of my colleagues. Starting my career in Deloitte gave me the opportunity to create a strong network of colleagues and in the long-term close friends. Moreover, I really appreciated how people took time to get to know me and make sure that I thrived and grew personally and professionally. I never felt alone with anything. I still don’t”.


Never too cool for (Tax) School  

 “Your development always comes first and Tax School is a great start for any new tax professional. Tax School gave me an opportunity to gain insights into other areas of tax advisory and enabled me to build knowledge to advise my clients better. Moreover, to understand the interfaces between the different tax services we offer our clients in Deloitte,” Sebastian describes while he glances for a moment.    

It’s evident that Tax School is a professional booster. Sebastian tells about how clients also participate during the programme to contribute with their perspectives – focusing on their needs and challenges – to broaden the young consultants’ perspectives. In addition, several partners from different tax service lines in Deloitte attended, giving the young professionals the chance of having some informal talks with their leaders. “That was one of the best things about it. It increased their presence and made them more approachable in our daily collaboration going forward,” Sebastian smiles.       


Meeting new cultures

One of the most exciting projects Sebastian has been working on was an international project in Saudi Arabia, where his task was to assist in enforcing value-added tax for the first time in Saudi Arabia’s Pricing.

“It was a complex project and that meant long hours. I helped the client with both education and implementation of systems, where everything was done for the first time, as value-added tax was a completely novel concept in their society. It was a very exciting time for me and I learned a lot about collaborating in very diverse teams, and to understand and overcome cultural gaps. I can truly recommend being staffed on an international project.

When I traveled home, four months later, I felt like I had contributed to something bigger. Saudi Arabia is a country undergoing great progression and to witness the energy that reflects a country in growth was a huge experience to me”, Sebastian explains with a sparkle in his eyes.

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