What makes me happy about my job?

A personal reflection by Suzette Nielsen, Partner, Core, Kolding.

One of the best things about my job is that not one day is the same as the other. I like that I can work everywhere and structure my workday as long as I have my computer. That means that I have a huge amount of flexibility. It implies that I can pick up my child from school when necessary and be part of her sports activities, which is important to me and gives me a feeling of being unlocked.

I enjoy working with people. I love gathering a team, seeing how we evolve together by using each other’s competences and competing to do our best and at last harvesting great results as a team. There is nothing like creating value as a team. It may be complex and intense and things may vary from the original workplan, but I like change and I like the dynamics that change can trigger.

Speak up!
I believe it is important to be clear about one’s ambitions and career dreams. I am happy to be part of a workplace where we encourage employees to speak up so we can help them be their best and achieve their goals.

I have had the opportunity to work in our office in San Francisco. It was very challenging. I had to build up new relations and acquire new knowledge and capabilities. It was an amazing career opportunity. I think it is important sometimes to go for your dreams even though it may seem a bit frightening – and luckily, Deloitte supports internal and external mobility.

I always tell my employees to be true to their personality. The best ideas come when we show our true colours and dare challenge each other. Then we can take ideas to a higher level. The best thing is that we can make a difference for our clients and help them get from A to B and at the end of the day make a difference. For me that is job satisfaction.

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