Solve for now. Build for next. In Audit and Assurance, we challenge how we approach auditing today. We automate, simplify, and standardise processes, and use advanced data to look into the future and see the broader perspective for clients instead of only analysing the past. We advise within compliance, regulatory, finance, and tech and see it as our finest task to deliver audit and assurance of market-leading quality that establishes trust, solves for now, and builds for next.

Get a career beyond the expected

No matter if you are starting your career with us as a student worker, intern, trainee or graduate you will become a part of the team on equal terms with our more experienced colleagues. You will have responsibility from day one, meet our clients, get hands-on experience and real insights into what it is like to work in the largest professional services firm in Denmark. You will be working with tasks that match your competencies, but at the same time challenge you to grow and unleash your full potential. You will meet and work with a diverse segment of clients from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), public regulated institutions, private companies, financial institutions to listed companies. Get an overview of some of our clients and get inspired here.

Are you in doubt about which area in Audit and Assurance you fit in? Find out below.

No matter if you are a student worker, intern, trainee or graduate, you will be allocated a coach who will support, guide, and lead you with your development and needs in mind from day one. Your professional and personal development will be in focus, and the most important task your coach will have, is to help you turn challenges into skills and achieve your career goals.

How to become a part of Audit and Assurance

If you are enrolled in an education and want to study full time, we offer both student positions and internships in most parts of Audit and Assurance.

If you have recently graduated or just cannot wait to kick-start your career and apply your knowledge in a full-time position, we offer our ChangeMaker graduate programme. For this programme, we hire all educational levels, so it is up to you when you want to start. You can apply for our ChangeMaker Trainee track with a HHX, STX, or an academy background, or for our ChangeMaker Graduate track with a HD, bachelor’s, or master’s background.

Recruitment process

In Deloitte, we acknowledge the differences of the individual talent. Therefore, we always strive to adjust the recruitment process, so it fits you as a candidate. Below, you will find a typical recruitment process, however, be aware that some elements differ depending on the position you have applied for.

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