Do you dream of a career where you get to work with some of the world’s largest and most inspiring clients, do you like when no two days look the same, and does the prospect of a steep learning curve excite you? Then a career in Deloitte Consulting might be right for you.

Innovation, transformation, and leadership are the core of Deloitte Consulting, and we believe that it occurs in many ways. We are a diverse group of management consultants with different passions and specialisations striving to make impact that matters. Together, we deliver exceptional transformative impact to our clients all the way from strategy to implementation by combining functional diversity and excellence, deep industry insight and technological proficiency.

Addressing four industries, Consumer, Public Sector, Financial Services and Energy, Resources & Industrials, we identify complex issues for our clients and help them imagine, deliver, and run their future business.​

Work and Development

As a young professional in Consulting, you can join us as a part-time Business Analyst, work full-time as a Consultant, or attend one of our graduate programmes. No matter your role, you will be challenged from day one in Consulting.

We offer the opportunity to explore career opportunities within services such as finance, digital innovation, strategy and operations, HR transformation, technology, analytics, information management and all the business transformations in between. Through 19 specialised offerings, we are able to serve our clients throughout their value chain. Your daily work will consist of a combination of highly engaging learning and development opportunities, close contact with clients and support from an excellent network of dedicated and skilled people.

Whether you start as a full-time consultant or attend one of our graduate programmes, you will be invited to join our Consultant Academy. The academy will enable you to quickly build an essential toolkit. In Deloitte Consulting, you will be able to do what you do best – challenge the status quo and create change. Simultaneously, you will be empowered to bring your strengths to the table and apply your competences on various projects. Through teamwork with dedicated colleagues and customer relations, your professional and personal skills will grow and enable you to make an impact.

At Deloitte, your professional and personal development is in focus. On the day you join Deloitte Consulting, you will therefore be assigned a talent manager. Your talent manager is there to support, guide, and lead you with your development and needs in mind and it is their foremost task to help you turn challenges into skills and achieve your career goals.

Meet Viktor, and get a sneak peek into life as a consultant in Consulting

Meet Viktor, and get a sneak peek into life as a consultant in Consulting

How to become a part of Consulting

Every year we welcome many graduates and young consultants with a wide range of educational backgrounds, and all ready to kick-start their career.

We hire Business Analysts to all areas of Deloitte Consulting on a regular basis. As a Business Analyst, your educational background is less important as long as you want to learn and are passionate about making impact that truly matters.

Discover vacant positions here.

Recruitment process

In Deloitte, we acknowledge the differences of the individual talent. Therefore, we always strive to accommodate the recruitment process, so it fits you as a candidate. Below you will find a typical recruitment process, however, be aware that this might differ based on the position.

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