We are one of the fastest growing risk teams in the Nordics and work with services all from cyber and strategic risk to regulatory and legal support. We aim to help clients build trust, demonstrate resilience, and heighten security, and connect all three factors to create enduring success and responsible business. In Risk Advisory, we are Cybers, Strategist, Techies, Auditors, Economists, Risk, Legal and Sustainability Professionals that all together strive to reach a common goal - to make impacts that truly matter.

Work & Development

As a young professional in Risk Advisory, you will advise our clients on how to effectively manage their financial and non-financial risk and make informed and intelligent risk decisions to maximise opportunities and drive efficiencies. You will help organisations prevent risks around their business processes, cyber security, technology and operations, and work with organisations to identify, manage and prepare for risk, develop strategies to minimise risk and react quickly and confidently when faced with an issue or crisis.

In Risk Advisory, we work in teams that embrace diversity in skills, experience, and perspectives to enhance more creative problem-solving. You will become a part of a culture where we have respect for each other, praise quality, and foster inclusion. We offer all our talents a flexible hybrid working model that enables them to balance freedom, family life, and work.

Meet Martha, and get a sneak peek into life as a consultant in Risk Advisory.

We promise a dedicated approach to your continued learning and development, and have a proven track record of accelerating talent development through hands-on experience. As a young professional in Risk Advisory, you will the first day be allocated an immediate leader who will support, guide, and lead you with your development and needs in mind. Your professional and personal development will be in focus, and the most important task your immediate leader will have is to help you turn challenges into skills and achieve your career goals.

If you start as a consultant, you will furthermore be attending a structured and tailored Consultant School programme for 4-5 days together with other new consultants. During the programme, you will have the possibility to expand your consultant skills and gain new knowledge and insight into Risk Advisory’s various services. Below, you can get an overview of the elements in our Consultant School programme.

How to become a part of Risk Advisory

Every year in August, we welcome approx. 30 newly graduated consultants with the following degrees: MSc in IT, Computer Science, Communication, IT Engineering, Legal, Business Administration, Economics, Accounting, Finance, or the like, who are ready to kickstart their career and make an impact that truly matters.

If you are still under education, we also offer an opportunity as a junior consultant where you work 15 hours on average every week. In this way you can gain practical work experience next to your studies.

Explore the opportunities and check out our vacant positions in Risk Advisory here.

The Recruitment Process

In Deloitte, we acknowledge the differences of the individual talent. Therefore, we always strive to accommodate the recruitment process, so it fits the candidate it involves. Below, you will find a typical recruitment process, however, be aware that this might differ depending on certain factors and the size of the candidate pool.

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