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Climate change is rapidly changing the business landscape as both consumers, regulators and companies increasingly commit to a more sustainable direction – inaction is no longer an option.

Consumer preferences are tilting towards more climate-friendly products and brands to reduce their personal footprint. Companies are starting to commit to deliver their fair share of CO2 reductions to gain competitive advantage while investors look for sustainable companies to invest in. At the same time, politicians are raising ambitions and pushing regulation to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions.

”The changing business landscape challenges the status quo and forces companies to adjust to a new market situation. Setting the right direction is a business-critical – and difficult – decision.”

Andreas Kryger Jensen, Senior Manager, Deloitte

Main questions for leaders to consider:

  • What are our ambitions for reducing our carbon footprint?
  • What should we prioritize to achieve the biggest impact?
  • What concrete initiatives should we initiate?
  • What are the costs and benefits of the initiatives?
  • What is our carbon footprint today?
  • Where should we start?

Reduce risks and create shared value

Naturally, the climate challenges and opportunities differ among companies and organisations and, therefore, the strategic decisions and solutions must always be tailored. However, the objective is the same; to reduce risks and take advantage of business opportunities to create shared value for customers, suppliers, owners, employees, other key stakeholders and society as a whole.

To adjust to this new market situation, you should start by considering the questions listed in the grey box. While these questions can be difficult to answer, they are necessary to set the right direction for your business or organization. We can help you answer these and implement the appropriate climate actions.

How we can help

In Deloitte, we are experts in breaking down your unique challenges and implementing the right solutions. Our deep industry experience and data-driven approach allows us to help clients respond to climate change by identifying risks and turn them into new business opportunities. We can help you:

  • Identify and measure climate risks
  • Develop operating models that address climate mitigation and adaption
  • Build relevant capabilities to reach your climate targets
  • Assess the business impact of future climate scenarios
  • Design climate-resilient business strategies to decarbonisation that accounts for the changing business landscape and expectations.

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