Deloitte shares insights on response and recovery actions taken by Danish GBS in the COVID-19 crisis and their plans to thrive in the new normal.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the world and disrupted business operations, but it has also been a myth buster and is presenting many opportunities for those willing to see them.

As with any crisis, there are lessons to be learned and actions to be taken that could not only reduce the severity of the impact on business operations with the immediate response but reshape the way GBS does business as a whole.

This paper shares how GBS organizations headquartered in Denmark and with operations all over the world have responded in the first months of this unfolding situation. In analyzing trends and presenting case studies it gives an overview over how companies are dealing with the current situation and what their expectations are for the months to come.

In three main sections, the paper lays out:

  • Key observations on the Danish GBS response and the success of the initial measures taken
  • Key learnings for GBS leaders and the way the current situation could impact mid- to long-term ways of working
  • Long-term prospects and solutions detailing how new opportunities can be leveraged and what requirements GBS leaders should be aware of in order to harness the full potential of new workspaces operating models

Download the full document to learn more about the opportunities that this pandemic has uniquely presented and how to leverage the lessons learned for your organization.


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