The bridge from responding to the crisis to preparing to thrive in a new normal.

Organizations’ first priority has been crisis response. Now, as organizations begin to emerge from this response phase, leaders are focusing on the next set of workforce challenges as they plan for the recovery.

We believe that workforce strategies in the recovery are best orchestrated through five critical actions: Reflect, Recommit, Re-engage, Rethink, and Reboot.

Topics covered in this POV include:

  • How the social enterprise, purpose, potential, and perspective play a role in shaping the path to recovery
  • Critical workforce priorities for the next 12 to 24 months
  • Considerations for the new way of working
  • Managing cybersecurity in the workforce recovery process

You can also refer to our companion piece, a workforce strategies workbook. The workbook provides a framework to help HR leaders plan for what they need now to maintain business continuity, while anticipating future demands.

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