We surveyed 148 executives in the Nordic countries (50 in Denmark, 25 in Finland, 20 in Iceland, 22 in Norway, and 31 in Sweden). The executives experience that stakeholders are pressuring companies to act; CxOs believe government also shares responsibility.

To what extent does your company feel pressure (to a large/moderate extent) to act on climate change from your stakeholders?

Nordic companies are feeling slightly more pressure to act on climate from most of their stakeholder groups, compared to the global average. The top forces of stakeholder pressure cited were consumers/clients, civil society, and board members/management.

% agree/ strongly agree with the following statements related to government’s role in mitigating climate change.

They are also more likely to think their country’s national government is doing a good job mitigating the impacts of climate change compared to the global average, ranking in the top 10 among countries polled. However, Nordic CxOs are slightly less likely than the global average to vote for candidates for elective office who support actions to address climate change.


Anders Dons

Nordic CEO, Climate & Sustainability Ambassador

+45 40 36 76 22

Mette Schønnemann

Director of Marketing and Communications

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