We surveyed 148 executives in the Nordic countries (50 in Denmark, 25 in Finland, 20 in Iceland, 22 in Norway, and 31 in Sweden). The respondents express concern and say their companies have been affected by climate change.

How concerned is your organization about climate change?

Nordic CxOs are closely aligned with their global counterparts in their concern about climate change. A majority of them are focused on incorporating climate into their strategies and operations over the next three years.

To what degree do you expect climate change to impact your company’s strategy and operations over the next three years?

Nordic companies are more likely than the overall average to feel the regulatory impacts of climate change, but less likely to feel the operational impacts of climate-related disasters.

97% of Nordic respondents say their company has already been impacted by climate change (compared to 97% globally)

What are the top climate change issues already impacting your business?


Anders Dons

Nordic CEO, Climate & Sustainability Ambassador

+45 40 36 76 22

Mette Schønnemann

Director of Marketing and Communications

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