Deloittes benchmark for prices on Solar PV assets

On this page, you will find our studies on market valuation of solar PV assets.

Based on analyses of 279 transactions with solar PV assets, Deloitte estimate a global benchmark for solar PV capacity of EUR 1.5m/MW.

Deloitte have analysed 279 transactions with solar PV assets since 2006 across development, construction and operational stages. 

Deloitte have created a unique benchmark for market prices on solar PV assets across lifecycle stages, geography and time. 

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On behalf of the renewables team in Deloitte Financial Advisory, Denmark.

A market approach for valuing solar PV farm assets

Deloitte’s benchmark for prices on wind farm assets

We update our market valuation of offshore wind assets, onshore wind assets and solar PV assets annually. These analyses are based on a statistical approach on more than 600 transactions, where we estimate the price investors have been willing to pay for 1 MW across technologies and project lifecycles.

You can access these analyses by visiting Deloitte’s benchmark for prices on wind farm assets

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