Most businesses have a hard time gaining access to top IT talent. Danish ER&I businesses are no exception. But the popularity of the sustainability agenda seems to provide an edge.

Like many others, Danish ER&I businesses are in the market for the brightest minds within cyber security. Due to the small talent pool in Denmark, many of the businesses employ IT talent on a global basis and accept remote work to some degree. This relieves the recruitment pressure.

But even so, competition for global talent among the surveyed businesses is fierce and many have a hard time satisfying their needs. However, it appears that most businesses in the survey are not challenged to the extreme. Some respondents believe this is due to the attractiveness of the sustainability agenda, which many businesses in the sectors tap into.

What does the survey show?

12% of respondents believe it is easy or very easy to attract cyber talent. 14% believe it is difficult or very difficult. A majority of 74% believe that it is neither difficult nor easy. 33% believe retaining talent is easy or very easy. Developing talent is considered easy or very easy by 41% of respondents.

Q: How easy or difficult do you find it to attract/retain/develop employees with competencies within cyber and information security to/within your organisation?

Deloitte's perspective

A few years ago, the Danish pool of IT talent was almost non-existent. Today, however, as the focus has increased and educational institutions have adapted, the talent pool has become bigger and Danish businesses in general have an easier time attracting, retaining and developing qualified Danish talent. At the same time, global interconnectedness – sped up by Covid-19 – has made it easier to pick and choose from the global pool of IT talent.

It is positive to see that 86% of the surveyed businesses do not regard talent attraction in the cyber security realm as an obstacle. Danish ER&I businesses have an innate focus on technical expertise within production. It is possible that this arena of technical expertise spills over into the IT department, creating an ideal environment for technical sparring. It is also likely that the sustainability agenda, which many of the businesses are tapping into, gives them an edge when recruiting talent.

Compared to many other sectors competing for cyber talent, large Danish ER&I businesses can consider themselves fortunate – for now. The optimistic nature of the responses could well be the result of the fact that many of the surveyed businesses have not yet entered a mature phase of IT recruitment. Thus, they will – sooner or later – reach the same limits of cyber recruitment that so many other sectors struggle with.

The bigger picture

The success of the purpose-driven
According to insights from Deloitte, purpose-driven companies enjoy higher market share gains and grow three times faster on average than their competitors, all while achieving higher workforce and customer satisfaction. When companies align their purpose with doing good, they can build deeper connections with their stakeholders and, in turn, amplify the company's relevance in their stakeholders' lives.

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